February 25, 2011

lululemon part of a right wing plot to control your ass

lululemon, maker of $98 pajama pants worn in public by adult women around the world, portrays itself as more than just a money-making venture. It has always come across to me as vaguely lefty, possibly because yoga is kind of a lefty hippy thing as practiced on the West Coast, but also because its manifesto includes standard leftist anti-Western medicine babble ("Stress is related to 99% of all illness"--Uh, does that include, like, AIDS, and malaria?) and golden rule derived environmentalism ("What we do to the earth we do to ourselves"). (It also spells its name in lowercase.) However, I have recently uncovered a plot which leads me to believe that lulu may if fact be the burning spear point of a right-wing takeover of the world's asses.

It is quite simple, actually: several lulu products, including the "Groove pant" (whose actual grooviness I would like to go on record as questioning) and the "Ta-Ta Tamer" (they're trying to control our breats too!) contain Lycra. Lycra is made by Invista, which is owned by Koch Industries. T
 he Koch brothers, if you have not been watching the news lately, are the evil right wing billionaires (tied with the founders of Google as 24th riches men in the world) who, most recently, have been trying to destory the Wisconisn teachers union. They have done plenty of other evil things too: they are basically the right wing George Soros.

It's so obvious when you think about it: Lycra is basically conservative cotton: it resists stretching and sagging, retaining the shape God intended for it. It all adds up to one thing: another attempt by right wingers to control women's bodies!

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